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The Five Elements is creator of honest, natural and warm experiences that find the perfect balance between happiness, enjoyment and absolute purity. With craftsmanship we obtain the purest form of quality, always true to the traditions. Respect for nature does not have to be dull or boring. On the contrary, it is just sparkling, spicy, surprising and inspiring when done correctly. Enjoy our organic products and taste the power of nature.

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Why partner with us?

Fair with flair

Organic means working with nature, not against it. Rely on us to supply you with sustainable and certified beer with an unparalleled taste sensation, thanks to nature.

Future proof

It takes real commitment and attention to detail, but with perseverance we obtain together an environmentally, socially and economically sustainable retail landscape.

Premium quality

Natural ingredients, selected and processed in our precisely monitored production facility, deliver high-grade end-products, traceable from farm to bottle.

True to tradition

In our brewery, craftmanship is combined with passion and tradition to produce legendary small-scale batches that fill you with pleasure and joy from lip to toe.

Bottles experience
Happy Customers
Years of knowhow

Enjoy the spirit of nature

Dare to be vulnerable, empower each other and believe you can change the world.

We Have the Magic Recipe

To always score superbly in a balanced way on the various aspects that make our products a true sensation, requires our craftmanship, expertise and finesse. Count them together, and you always get 100% The five elements.

Taste 41%
Aroma 41%
Experience 17%
Magic 1%
TOTAL: The Five Elements 100%

'It's something that I've never experienced before. Never have I tasted anything similar... Simply second to none. '

Geronimo D., beer maven

What makes our products so good


Superb malts


Exquisite hops


Refined herbs

The completion

Rare mastery

Experience the Renuelle story

We Love Our Clients

Discover some reviews below. You are our motivation and inspiration. Your opinion is therefore what matters to us. Please let us know what you think of our products, and who knows, you might end up on our customer billboard as well!

E.V. - Miss Sunshine

I remember drinking Renuelle with a group of friends for the first time after a trail run on a roasting day. Lots of flavor with guts, delicious thirst-quenching and, yes, a legendary evening by the way !!

S.H. - Full time dad

Enjoy a Renuelle moment while the children are horsin' around in the garden, it cannot get any better than that. With Renuelle you can actually go on holiday at home. Cozy moments simply require a Renuelle.

J.V. - Chef

What an incredibly beautiful sparkle in this beer. A unique taste with a surprising bitter, bright touch. This will make a sublime appetiser. And with that aftertaste, it can be served with a variety of dishes as well. Tastes for more.

J.D. - IT maniac

I have tasted many beers, but I cannot name one that is comparable. Fantastic. If I had to brew beer myself, this would be the ultimate beer that I want to brew.

F.W. - Mother-manages-it-all

I don't like bitter. Hmmm, but this is bitter ... but it’s somehow different. Better. Light. Fresh. Yummy. Do you have more?

K & H - In full bloom

We live at the pace of nature. Experiencing pure, warm moments together with our children and grandchildren is our priority. This richness of simplicity we find in Renuelle,. Ready to be served every Saturday afternoon!

We Make you happy

We make products the way you are. Natural, pure and spontaneous. We give our products the time and care to fully develop their taste based on simple sources, and let the natural elements do their magic. Simply pure taste.

The Fifth Element



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